Take Advantage of Our Professional Concrete Construction Services

Perhaps you’re planning to build a swimming pool in your backyard and are looking for experts who can help you with this project. Or maybe you’ve inherited a dilapidated house from a relative and you’d like to tear it down so you can construct a new one. Either way, you’ll want to call JAMB Concrete Inc.. We’re a professional concrete contractor in White Hall, MD, and we offer concrete construction services as well as many other solutions, including the following:

Concrete Service

Concrete Service

Through our extensive experience in the concrete industry, we’ve developed the right skills and experience to provide our clients with world-class services. Give us a call if you’re planning a concrete project and need expert assistance!

Concrete Excavation Service

We provide reliable excavation services and can assist you with all types of projects that require excavating. Whether you need to dig a house foundation or prepare your backyard for your new swimming pool, you won’t go wrong with getting our help!


Are you planning to demolish an old, dilapidated, or unwanted structure? If your answer is “Yes”, get in touch with us and let our crew members help you! We specialize in demolition projects and can help you tear down any structure in a safe and efficient manner.

Hauling Service

After we complete your demolition project, we’ll remove all the resulting debris from your property and ensure that they’re properly disposed of. Through our professional hauling service, you won’t have to worry about post-demolition cleanup since our crew will take care of it.

Driveway Construction

If you’re planning to replace your old driveway with a new one, contact us so we can help you with the driveway construction process. We’ll make sure that your new driveway is built according to the highest standards and that it will boost your home’s curb appeal.

Swimming Pool Construction

We’re proud to offer swimming pool construction services, and we have helped many homeowners with creating the pool of their dreams. Call us so we can start planning your new pool!

JAMB Concrete Inc. is the right contractor to trust if you need high-quality concrete solutions in White Hall, MD. Dial (410) 213-5264 now to book an appointment with us!

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